… och kan chefer påverka eller går allt efter ett stort trendmönster?

Läser lite ur The Guardian:

”…On the other side of the Atlantic, a professor at Columbia Business School in New York noticed a similar pattern in the private sector. Eric Abrahamson charted the rise and fall of such management ideas as total quality management in US corporations. He noticed the way executives consumed the latest management idea and teenagers bought jeans was similar. Executives would jump from one fashionable management idea to the next with little thought about the cost or consequences. Along the way, they would employ costly consultants and announce disruptive reforms. But no matter, executives were often rewarded with jumps in share price and fatter pay packets, irrespective of the outcomes of their reforms. After some time documenting this pattern, Abrahamson concluded that many firms fell victim to what he called “repetitive change syndrome”.”